We provide you with a conceptualised ‘design & build’ service as follows

Design Consultation

Space planning – Furniture Layout

Electrical (M & E) – Layout Plan

Ceiling Design & Lighting Planning

Flooring Design Layout (Tiling Design)

Material & Colour Scheme Proposal

Value added service in furniture & soft furnishing sourcing

3D Rendering Perspective Drawings

Site Work Teams

Site Coordination & Site Supervision

Supplying and Installing Built-in Furniture

Renovation of property

Plaster Ceiling and Painting Facilities

Design & Build': Renovation, Ceiling Works & Painting

An article on the Design Director of ODIL Design featured in The Star newspaper.

PASSION TURNED PROFESSION The Star (My Star Job) – 2 August 2014

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Our satisfied customer says

A Holistic Approach

At ODIL, we focus on a holistic approach that looks out for your health and wellbeing when we create your dream. We believe in:

Products with low VOC content

VOC has compounds that are hazardous to your health. This element can be found in paints, carpets, furniture and household products. We at ODIL, do not use items that emit VOC.

Plants & Sunlight

An eco-friendly environment is one that has greenery and sunshine. We believe in using plants as decorative items as it filters the air and helps remove harmful chemicals. It also creates a fresh ambience. We also use skylights and open shades to allow sunlight in the house as it helps ease the electric bills besides preventing the emission of pollutants in your premises.

Organic and eco-friendly materials

ODIL is here to help you achieve the dream of having an eco-friendly space by using organic and natural elements and materials.

Here is how we do it:

  • By using energy efficient lighting that prevents emanation of greenhouse gasses and pollutants whilst saving on energy.
  • By choosing energy efficient windows that have special coating that reflects heat and gives insulation which keeps room warm especially during cold seasons.
  • By using paints that do not emit harmful substances, ceramic tiles and wood panels that are eco-friendly and beautiful wallpapers to cover your walls.
  • By choosing furniture made from natural wood and organic materials which is good for your health and wellbeing.